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Aircraft Shows

Every year, Geronimo Experimental Aircraft goes to aircraft shows across the U.S.

  • Buckeye Air fair occurs in the second week of February.
  • Sun’n Fun occurs in the middle of Abril in Lakeland Florida.
  • Air Adventure occurs during the last week of July in Oshkosh Wisconsin.

All official dates are available online. For more information, contact us.

Main Activities

  • Sale airplanes in kit form.
  • Assist people to build airplanes and the kit to flying airplanes.
  • Repair and modify parts of the airplanes.
  • Answer questions and help trouble short problems that occur when our customers are flying their aircraft.

Meetings at the Build Center

The Experimental Aircraft Association has local chapter meetings each month. Sometimes, we invite and welcome them to have the meeting at the building center.

  • Great food and a friendly environment.
  • Short seminar about our airlines.

Club Outings

  • Cochise College Aviation Club comes occasionally for a club outing at the building center.
  • Sometimes, boy scout groups want to come and learn about airplanes.

We open our build center for public service and exposure of our aircrafts as well as great opportunity to meet new people.