Aircraft Kits

The interior and painting of your dreamed aircraft are all designed to your specifications.

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Product Development

Super charger for Jabiru Powered Lightning.

Gap seals speed for improvement.

Geronimo Experimental Aircraft Kits

XS Kit

The XS Kit is all about choices. Our new airframe kit gives you the option of choosing your firewall forward package from the three currently available. This gives you the opportunity to create the aircraft you have always dreamed of!

XS Kit Standard Equipment

  • Spring Steel Gear

  • Removable Fuel Tanks

  • Short Upswept Wingtips

  • MK II Tails

  • Redesigned Lower Gear Assembly

XS Kit FWF Packages

  • Lycoming 0-320
  • UL 390
  • Jabiru 3300
Classic Kit

The Classic Kit contains everything you need except a propeller, avionics, interior, and paint. You can build this kit to go fast or be Light Sport compliant by choosing the appropriate options. If you already know you want the Jabiru engine, this is the way to go!

Classic Kit Standard Equipment

  • Aluminum Gear
  • Removable Fuel Tanks
  • Bullet Wingtips
  • MK II Tails
  • Jabiru FWF Packages
  • 25° Electric Flaps